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Testimonial"Your painting has done what it was that I was hoping for... it has created an image that lends itself to study. This is not a painting that you just walk by... it is a painting that is a live and alive with a story that can be seen both prior to and after the point at which you have captured this moment in time. As I study the painting, I can imagine the encounter and the chase preceding the moment that your painting captures... the first arrow, the second, and so forth... likewise, it is easy to imagine the aftermath, another arrow or two and finally the collapse of the "Bull" and its slide to final death. As you study the painted pony it becomes apparent it dominates the overall image with outstanding detail, nearly creating a story of its own... The detail is not only museum quality but it captures the strength, the mood and the determination of this giant but also the panic that will be resulting in the animal's demise... In the past week, the painting has captured my attention over and over as I suspect it will continue to do for some time... Don, I could not be more pleased... I have viewed many of your paintings and really feel that we are privileged to own one of your very best... this painting is certainly desiring of great praise and should be shared with others.With great respect,Rick Michael"